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Why Farm Stay?

Of late there has been increasing desire of many urbanites to reconnect with our rural country sides for fresh Air non-polluted Atmosphere and where we can wake to the sounds of farm life, feed to a lamb/hens, and even see the stars without city lights dimming their glow.In terms of lodging, we offer rooms/tent on rent right in the farm house. You might find yourself camping in a tent in the trees or at a campsite you choose for yourself down by the rural environment.


We offer breakfast, Lunch/Dinner on the farm site at one’s request.  We offer classes in cultivation, gardening, cooking, even animal photography. 

Wish you a Happy Farm Stay!

Friends Camping

Select Tour Package

Please select a package for which you want to schedule an appointment

Contact for more information & booking +91 7780775086

Day Tour (Morning to Evening)

Check in -10AM - Check out- 5PM

Includes (Breakfast, Launch + High Tea)
Charges Per persons: Adult -Rs.600/-
Below 12 yrs -Rs.450/-
Mud Volleyball – Tub Bath (optional)-Rs,100/- extra

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School Trips (Group of 25 and above)

Morning 9 AM To Evening 5 PM

(Welcome Drink+Lunch +Snacks   All Farm Activities + Adventure sports, Mud/Tub Bath)
1st to 4th Class: Rs.450/-
5th to 7th Class: Rs.550/-
8th to 10th Class: Rs.600/-

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One Day package (24 Hour)

Check in -11AM - Check out- 10 AM

Includes (Stay Lunch + Dinner + Breakfast + High Tea + All Farm
Activities + Adventure sports + Mud Volleyball – Tub Bath, Camp fire)
Charges Per persons:

Adult -Rs.1500/-
Child Below 12 yrs -1200/-

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Special Party (Seasonal/Festival)

(All details on call only)

Charges Per persons: Adult -Rs.750/- Child Below 12 yrs -550/-

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1.For stays of one night the maximum price is applicable.
2.We require a 50% deposit at the time of booking.
3.For cancellation, up to 3 days prior notice will avail refund.

4.Applicable to Vegetarian/Non Veg meals and snacks only.
5.Extra charges are applicable for non-vegetarian food.
6.Rooms can be rented weekly on request.

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